Below is a list of tracks (also referred to as “concentrations”) available to the students of ISTD.

Tracks offer students an opportunity to focus in specific sub-areas of ISTD. Some tracks are interdisciplinary and require students to take subjects from outside the list of ISTD pillar subjects.

A student can complete all requirements for a track by passing each core course and any three courses from the list of electives.

The criteria for fulfilling an ESD BA Track, ISTD BA Track, EPD CE Track and ISTD CE Track are different. Students are advised to understand the required fulfilments for their Track in the respective pillar.

ISTD Pillar Tracks Curriculum

Elective Requirements

  1. Four track courses which include track core and track electives.
  2. One Technical Application Elective.
  3. Two subjects as free electives from ASD, EPD, ESD and ISTD. A TAE is acceptable too.

It is possible for a student to take more than one focus track. In order to graduate with two or more focus tracks, a student needs to fulfil the requirements set for each focus track. Students are advised to talk to their Academic Mentors to find out more about the focus track requirements.