Pillar Overview

ISTD curriculum is organized into four tiers.

Tier 1
The SUTD foundations tier is common to all SUTD students and spans the first three terms. The Digital Worlds course in this tier exposes the students to the world where computing is an essential component of problem solving.

Tier 2
The ISTD foundations tier begins in term four and includes five subjects aimed to equip a student with the basic mathematical tools needed for problem solving using computers and to instill algorithmic thinking.

Tier 3
The ISTD Electives Tier allows students to select a total of five subjects from a list that spans nearly all areas of computing. This tier prepares the students for specialization in one or more sub areas in information system technology. It also allows students to select up to two subjects from related engineering disciplines.

Tier 4
A 2-term capstone project allows students to work in interdisciplinary teams to design, implement, test, and document a complete software or software/hardware system.

ISTD Foundation Courses