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SUTD has grown over the years and offers two unique value propositions. Firstly, its push for academic excellence and its great research facilities. One key example is in Operational Technology Research. SUTD’s iTrust hosts world-class testbeds and training platforms, including replica of water treatment and distribution system. Tools developed from the research are being explored for deployment in actual water plants to improve the Security-by-Design of such cyber-physical systems. Secondly, SUTD has adopted a unique interdisciplinary and design approach in their curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop an appetite to learn and innovate right at the start of their programme.
Mr Lim Soon Chia, Director (Cyber Security Engineering Centre)/Head Certification Body, Cyber Security Agency

Upon being hired, the SUTD ISTD graduates are first placed in Citi’s Technology Analyst programme which provides them with the exposure needed to get a good understanding of the bank. The programme also serves as a feeder into Citi’s Next Gen Programme, enabling these employees to continue advancing their expertise in the technological space. We are pleased to note that the graduates displayed intellectual curiosity, learning agility and resilience. Coupled with a passion for digital innovation, these young professionals possess the skill sets relevant to the future of banking.

Citi Singapore

One of our most capable young Machine Learning and A.I. Engineers is an ISTD graduate.

She’s demonstrated her ability to go from classroom to solving real world business challenges and brings a winning combination of academic rigour, innovative thinking, technical competence, a positive can-do attitude and a great sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

Today, she works closely with our Technology Lead and is responsible for key aspects of our global A.I. marketing knowledge platform. She’s a good testament to the ISTD academic philosophy and we look forward to working with ISTD to have more of such graduates in our Innovation Centre.

Audrey Kuah, Managing Director, Global Data Innovation Centre, Dentsu Aegis Network

In our experience, ISTD graduates have been universally bright, capable, and ready to do complex engineering work.  At Pivotal Labs, we expect our engineers to be able to not only code well, but also be able to teach engineering best practices to the largest and most important organizations in Singapore.  We’ve hired several ISTD graduates, and they all came in with the theoretical and practical skills to immediately start having a high impact.

An ISTD degree is one of the first things that we look for when we’re hiring.

David Varvel, Engineering Director, Pivotal Labs, Pivotal Labs