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Artificial and Augmented Intelligence

Artificial intelligence research provides foundations to create intelligent computers and machines that work and behave like humans. Augmented intelligence is a complement to human intelligence and this research focuses on assisting humans to perform [...]

Computing Theory

Computing theory aims to explore foundation of computer science and includes research areas such as algorithms, computational geometry, complexity theory, information theory, graph theory, and cryptography.

Data Science

Data science addresses novel services and technologies that are related to managing, analyzing, and understanding data so as to extract useful information from data.

Interactive Computing

Interactive computing is the study of how humans interact with computers in diverse forms, such as smart devices, robots, and unmanned vehicles. With increasing use of AI in the future computing systems, there is [...]

Networking and Computing Systems

Networking and computing systems focus on design, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of computer systems and networks. It encompasses continously evolving areas such as computer architecture, operating systems, networks, embedded systems, and distributed systems. [...]

Secure Computing

Secure computing addresses the foundations for ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of devices, systems, applications, and services in computing systems and cyber-physical systems.

Software Design

Software design studies the lifecycle of software including development, operation, security, and maintenance, systematically and quantitatively. Specifically, software design research focuses on making advancement in the rapidly changing software development paradigms and architectures. [...]

Visual Computing

Visual computing is a research area that makes use of computing to efficiently process, understand, and express visual and multimedia data such as images, videos, graphics, and multi-dimensional data. It encompasses computer vision, computer [...]