Advancing Security of Public Infrastructure with Resilience and Economics

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PIAditya P Mathur Funding Source:  NRF
Co PINils Ole TippenhauerSun JunDavid YauRoland Bouffanais (EPD), Costas Courcoubetis (ESD), Lingjie Duan (ESD), Justin Ruths (ESD) Start Date:  1 April, 2015
Research Areas:  Software Technologies End Date:  31 December, 2018

Our objective is to conduct fundamental scientific research to improve the security of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that offer key services such as power. Our contributions will be: (a) principles, techniques, and software tools, and (b) validation of principles and design techniques through experiments using SUTD’s realistic testbeds. Together with our public and private partners, we ensure that the outcomes of the proposed research will have real-world impact. Consequently, our work will benefit Singapore along three dimensions: government interests, commercial interests and manpower development.