A Unified Approach for High Quality 3-D Reconstruction (HQ3DR)

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PISai-Kit Yeung Funding Source:  MOE
Co PI:  - Start Date:  1 October, 2013
Research Areas:  Vision & Graphics End Date:  30 September, 2016

This research project proposes a unified approach for high quality 3-D reconstruction. By introducing a new formulation for photometric stereo, a detailed recovery of shape to the pixel level under natural illumination can be obtained by a conventional digital camera. It will push the practical value of the photometric stereo technique to a completely new level. The value will further be maximized when we extend the approach into full 360- degree multiview reconstruction. This research can fundamentally change the way in which we exchange and display visual information, and it can finally move us beyond fixed, two-dimensional imagery. It will provide useful theoretic foundations for many important applications such as virtual reality, virtual tourism, virtual fashion, digital heritage, digital special effects in games and movies, 3-D prototyping, 3-D printing, etc.