Multi-Modal Information Management

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A multimodal search engine is designed to imitate the flexibility and agility of how the human mind works to create, process and refuse irrelevant ideas. Multimodal search engines use different inputs of different nature and methods of search at the same time with the possibility of combining the results by merging all of the input elements of the search.


  • Subhajit Datta

Subhajit Datta

PhD, Florida State University
  • Dorien Herremans

Dorien Herremans

Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Antwerp
  • Lu Wei

Lu Wei

Assistant Professor
PhD, National University of Singapore
  • Sai-Kit Yeung

Sai-Kit Yeung

Assistant Professor
PhD, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Zhang Yue

Zhang Yue

Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Oxford
  • Liang Zheng

Liang Zheng

Assistant Professor
PhD, Tsinghua University

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