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Assistant Professor

Office #: 1.202.02
Pillar / Cluster: Information Systems Technology and Design
Research Areas:Computing Theory, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Data Science, Networked and Autonomous Systems


Niangjun Chen received his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, and his M.S and Ph.D. in Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology.  His research interests include optimization, machine learning, game theory, and their applications to complex systems such as smart grids, data centers, and transport.   After graduation in 2017, he joined the Institute of High Performance Computing as a research scientist working on the optimization of logistics and the modeling and simulation of the transport systems. Since September 2020, he is an Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He has a joint appointment at the Institute for High Performance Computing at the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR).


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, California Institute of Technology
  • M.S., Computer Science, California Institute of Technology
  • B.S., Computer Science, University of Cambridge

Selected Publications

  • J. Comden, S. Yao, N. Chen, H. Xing, Z. Liu “Online Optimization in Cloud Resource Provisioning: Predictions, Regrets, and Algorithms,” ACM Sigmetrics, 2019.
  • N. Chen, G. Goel, A. Wierman, “Smoothed Online Convex Optimization in High Dimensions via Online Balanced Descent,” Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), 2018.
  • N. Ruhi, K. Dvijotham, N.Chen, A. Wierman “Opportunities for price manipulation by aggregators in electricity markets” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 9(6), 5687-5698.
  • Y.Nakahira, N. Chen, L. Chen, S. Low “Smoothed Least Laxity First Algorithm for EV Charging”, Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Future Energy Systems, 242-251, 2017.
  • N. Chen, J. Comden, Z. Liu, A. Gandhi and A. Wierman “Using Predictions in Online Optimization: Looking Forward with an Eye on the Past”, ACM Sigmetrics Performance Evaluation Review 44(1), 193-206, 2016.
  • N. Chen, X. Ren, S. Ren and A. Wierman “Greening Multi-tenant Data Center Demand Response”, Performance Evaluation, 91: 229-254 (2015)
  • N. Chen, A. Wierman, A. Agarwal, S. Barman and L. Andrew “Online Convex Optimization with Prediction”, in Proc. ACM Sigmetrics: 191-204, June Portland
  • N. Chen, L. Gan, S. H. Low, A. Wierman “Distributional Analysis for Model Predictive Deferrable Load Control”, in Proc. IEEE 53rd Conf. on Decision and Control: 6433-6438,  Dec 2014 Los Angeles
  • N. Chen, T. Q. S. Quek, and C. W. Tan, “Electric vehicles charging in smart grid: Optimality and valley-filling algorithms”, IEEE Trans. on Selected Topics in Signal Processing 2014 8(6), 1073-1083
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