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Assistant Professor

Office #: 1.702.29
Pillar / Cluster: Design and Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems Technology and Design
Research Areas:Visual Computing, Interactive Computing

Kenny CHOO is currently an Assistant Professor at SUTD (Singapore) since Jun 2019. He obtained his PhD from Singapore Management University in 2018, and was advised by Asst Prof Youngki Lee, Assoc Prof Rajesh Balan, and Prof Archan Misra. He works in the area of Human Computer Interaction. His primary research interest is on empathetic computing interfaces that use mobile sensing and context monitoring to support wellness. His thesis work focused on an augmented virtuality system that enabled mobile user interface designers to understand the effects of their designs on users with disabilities. His work has been published in HCI and mobile systems venues such as CHI, MobiSys, UbiComp (IMWUT) and HotMobile. Prior to joining SUTD, Kenny was a research fellow at Singapore Management University. Before he pursued his PhD, he worked for six years at DSO National Laboratories, developing learning pedagogy for serious games, performing both technical and project management roles.

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