Xia Yingyu & Timothy Thong (Singtel) – Introduction to Information Systems & Programming Modules

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A Connected World of Endless Possibilities with The Internet of Things

The explosive development of the Internet of Things promises to transform the way we live, work and play. They are here to stay, as we continuously face increasing challenges in manpower constraints, human errors, as well as rising security threats. Through the deployment of sensors and actuators, combined with computing and artificial intelligence, humans are free up for high level tasks. In this session, the speakers will share their perspectives on the Internet of Things as well as the applications that it enables in both the enterprise and consumer domains. They will also share on the opportunities and challenges present in these applications.

Singtel Guest Speakers’ Profiles

Xia Yingyu

Product Manager
NCS Digital

As a product manager, Yingyu is responsible for IoT product development in NCS Digital. She is actively involved in the process of product shaping and testing, and works very closely with the sales and business development team to market the finished product. She has also participated in several Smart Nation tenders in NCS.

Before embarking on her journey with NCS, she was under the Radio Specialist Team in Singtel Mobile, where she evaluates upcoming mobile and IoT radio technologies; and makes recommendations on the appropriate technology to adopt.
Yingyu graduated from NTU with a Double Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Economics. She enjoys reading, playing the golf and volunteering during her free time.

Timothy Thong

Product Development Manager
Consumer Innovation, Consumer Products

Timothy and his team focus on stimulating growth in the Consumer IoT space. His responsibilities include aggregating both internal and external IoT solutions that are still very fragmented. In addition, he does continuous prototyping with trending technologies to ensure that Singtel’s products continue to stay relevant.

Prior to his current role, Timothy was a Network Planning Manager in Singtel’s IP Core team; working together with other Fixed Broadband teams to identify technologies that could potentially automate processes to save time and cost.
Timothy was awarded the National Infocomm Scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Purdue University. Recently, he led the Singtel team that came in 2nd place at Amazon’s AWS HackDay 2017. Timothy is a geek by day and a musician by night.


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