Ramkannan Avadainayagam (Accenture Digital Solution) – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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From picking our favourite movies to predicting global weather conditions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are already steadily and increasingly augmented into our everyday lives. Both technologies continue to help societies progress and develop at a breakneck pace that cannot be imagined decades ago. This guest lecture will highlight the use-cases as well as major top-level facts of AI and ML.

Speaker’s Biography

accenture-coil-seminar-8th-dec-2016-ramkannan-avadainayagamRamkannan Avadainayagam
Big Data & Hadoop Senior Manager
Accenture Digital Solution


Ram is a Senior Manager with Accenture Digital Solution Design based in Singapore. He has over 13 years of experience in technology architecture roles with a focus on data architecture and analytics architectures for large financial services organizations.

Ram has around five years of experience in designing and implementing Big Data solutions which includes the data architecture, modeling, design and development of Hadoop. He also has experience in more specialized solutions in IOT, Video Analytics, Next Best Action, and Business Process Management. Ram has worked with leading technology vendors in the analytics space including IBM, Oracle, Teradata and HP.

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