Arseny Chernov (Dell EMC) – Compressed Introduction to Hadoop, NoSQL and SQL-on-Hadoop Technologies

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In 2016, Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and NoSQL databases are assumed to finally reach their “plateau of productivity”. Many real-world and down-to-earth IT departments in the market use Hadoop Hive, HBASE, SparkSQL and other products to query the data. This guest lecture will highlight major top-level facts about these SQL-related technologies, to help SUTD students navigate the “muddy waters” of similarities and differences.

Speaker’s Biography

091116-arseny-chernovArseny Chernov
Isilon Principal Systems Engineer
Dell EMC, Emerging Technologies Division



Arseny Chernov is the Principal Systems Engineer at Dell EMC. He is a seasoned expert in Platform-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Datacenter fields. As a Singapore resident IT professional for the last seven years, his current regional Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) role focuses on successful adoption of scale-out storage systems at existing and new customers. He works closely with customers, partners, and local Dell EMC teams in Japan, Australia, Korea, India, China and South-East Asia countries.

Big Data and NoSQL are primary focuses for Arseny as they are essential components of the real-world data storage market. More and more companies of Telco, Financial, Manufacturing, Electronic Design and other verticals adopt NoSQL and Hadoop ecosystem projects in production.

Arseny is well-connected to Global HQ of Dell EMC, and represents real-world experience and requirements of APJ in negotiations with Product Management during strategic roadmap planning sessions.

Arseny holds a master’s degree from State University of Telecommunications (St.Petersburg, Russia), has worked in startups, global banks, and is also a Hadoop Certified Professional (Cloudera).

The powerpoint slides for the COIL seminar can be found here.

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