Credit Suisse, ISTD Agile Methodology Workshop

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Raj Bharij, Transformation Lead PBIT APAC
Agile Implementation, DevOps and Quality lead for Core Banking PB APAC

  • Implementation of Agile practices across the Core Banking platform for PB APAC, agile coaching and scaling of agile delivery.
  • Design and implementation of organisational structure comprising of feature teams aligned to products.
  • Coaching of Business and IT on Product centric view with focus on features that deliver business value.
  • Driving adoption of DevOps with focus on automated deployment pipeline, TDD, event driven architecture, virtualisation and CICD.
  • Driving adoption of Scrum and LeSS frameworks.

Outline of the topics

  • What does Agile mean?
  • Misconceptions of Agile
  • Introduction to Agile Frameworks (Scrum)
  • Iterative Development
  • Mindset and Culture of Agile Teams
  • How Agile is applied in real Organisations
  • Q&A