Vitaly Kamluk (Kaspersky Lab) – Botnets as a Threat to Your Network

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This talk focuses on a botnet problem for network security teams. It covers the history of botnets as a phenomena, explains botnets classification, factors of growth, ways to use that in cyber-extortion, political, criminal financial operations among others. The topic will cover examples approaches to fight the botnet threat, examples of past anti botnet operations including joint operations with Interpol.

Speaker’s Profile

Mr. Vitaly Kamluk
Head of Kaspersky Research Center, APAC
Kaspersky Lab

Vitaly Kamluk is Principal Security Researcher with Kaspersky. He has 17 years of work experience as a security researcher, with 2 years spent at Interpol as a cybersecurity expert. He started Anti-Botnet research group at Kaspersky back in 2008 and presented about botnet threats at specialized conferences in the past. Vitaly is based in Singapore and is currently leading a team of APAC researchers specializing in advanced targeted attacks investigations.


eDM for ISTD COIL Seminar for 18 April 2022 titled: Botnets as a Threat to Your Network by Vitaly Kamluk.