Tan Wee Siang & Yap Jian Beng (Singtel) – The Quantum Leap: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Networking

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Join Wee Siang, Senior Director, Network Cloud Engineering, as he unravels the revolutionary forces driving the adoption of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud Native Functions (CNFs) in the ICT industry. Discover how cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and networking slicing are paving way for an era of unparalleled agility, innovation and challenges. Learn more about network analytics from Jian Beng as he shares insights of what does life looks like after university as he debunk common misconceptions about working in the field of Networks.

Speaker’s Profile

Tan Wee Siang
Senior Director
Network Cloud Engineering, Singtel

With over 18 years of experience in the Telco industry, Wee Siang worked on many emerging technologies and roles in the Networks and Digital domain before his current position as Senior Director of Networks Cloud Engineering. With a strong focus on network transformation, cloud engineering, and emerging technologies, he has spent the past 8 years in building up the Telco Cloud Infrastructure and driving the adoption of virtualization within Singtel. Some of his notable achievements include the successful implementation of the Ericsson’s 5G Core on VMware’s Telco Cloud Infrastructure.

Yap Jian Beng
Analytics Specialist
Network Analytics Engineering, Singtel

Jian Beng is currently an analytics specialist in Singtel’s Network Analytics Engineering team. Joining Singtel through the Management Associate Programme, Jian Beng started off as a radio network engineer designing in-building coverage systems and launching Singtel’s cellular IoT network. After a short stint in Singtel’s Australian subsidiary Optus, Jian Beng was heavily involved in Singtel’s 5G network roll-out in Singapore before branching out to pursue his interest in enhancing network planning and operation using data analytics.