Sivakumar Kulasekharam (NCS Singapore) – The Future Landscape of Database

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We live in a world where data exists at our fingertips. Everything, from online shopping, gaming, banking and even our online conversations, is classified as data.

Data is being increasingly identified as the most valuable component in life. There are indeed people or companies who earn big from just selling data – e.g. Social Influencers, Bloomberg.
Increasing cyber-attacks to steal data or hold data for ransom are proof of this. Thus, data has driven the growth of other sectors such as Security, Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Databases address the storage of data. Databases can be described as the backbone of any application. It might be easy to redesign and re-create any part of an application pipeline except the data. Thus comes the role of Database Engineer to primarily design, maintain and protect the data. The Data Guardian!

This session will emphasize the journey of Databases into the new era. Starting with traditional enterprise versions, we will explore how the industry has evolved database architectures into the Cloud and also to see what is in store for the future! We will share and run through real life scenarios to identify the challenges faced and how future engineers can be prepped to overcome these challenges.

Speaker’s Profile

Mr. Sivakumar Kulasekharam, Lead Engineer, Database Practice, NCS SingaporeMr. Sivakumar Kulasekharam
Lead Engineer, Database Practice, NCS Singapore

Sivakumar Kulasekharam has over 15+ years of experience in the field of databases ranging over different industries including government, financial and enterprise sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering (Hons) from NTU and a Master of Business Administration from NUS. He was involved with the platform transformation to cloud in his role as the Assistant Vice President for Database Architectures with GIC. Currently, he manages the Database Practice in NCS Singapore which advises and protects the data of multiple industries regionally. He is also involved in multiple transformation projects such as automation to increase the efficacy of IT standards.