Kendrik Tan & Selvi Yang (NCS Group) – Unboxing UX Design: The Art and Science

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Join us for a guest lecture on UX design that explores the dynamic processes behind creating exceptional user experiences across a spectrum of technologies. From websites to corporate internal systems, discover how UX principles adapt and thrive in diverse digital landscapes. Unravel the secrets behind crafting intuitive and user-centric designs, no matter the platform.

Registration is open for the SUTD community and 42 Singapore students:

Speaker Profile

COIL: Kendrik Tan & Selvi Yang (NCS Group)Kendrik Tan
I am an adept UX Consultant versed in user research and human-centred design. My day-to-day job includes UX project management, facilitation of Design Sprints and Design Critique workshops, conduct of user research, usability testing and heuristics evaluation as well as mentoring of junior UX consultants.

Selvi Yang
I am your “go-to” UX Designer, specialising in user interface and human-centred design. I love managing UX projects, creating out-of-the-box design ideas, and pushing the boundaries. I’m also passionate about mentoring junior UX designers to help them grow and thrive in this dynamic field.



ISTD COIL Seminar (27 Nov 2023) Unboxing UX Design The Art and Science