Ian Loe (Government Technology Agency of Singapore) – Journey through a Complex Software Transformation

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Enterprise systems are complex and involved a lot more than just writing a piece of software. This presentation aims to walk through a real-world example to highlight all the various aspects that needs to be considered to bring a complex system to life. It will show the journey taken to modernize a legacy application and the pitfalls along the way. At the end of the presentation, I hope to give students a glimpse of the various factors that goes into developing complex enterprise software.

Speaker’s Biography

Ian has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry with wide industry experience spanning public sector to financial services. He has deep knowledge in both infrastructure and application security with deep expertise in governance and security technologies.
Today, Ian is responsible for the management of cybersecurity operations for the whole of government in Singapore, which includes the monitoring and response to cybersecurity incidents. In his past career, he was head of enterprise architecture and was heavily involved in the development of many large scale system.