Hyunju Lee (NTUC Link) – Innovating Through Design-led Thinking

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The lecture will cover various case studies in the organisation who builds innovation by embracing a design-led thinking culture. Design-led thinking culture can be the most impactful, and practical way of delivering a delightful customer experience. The lecture will cover the following topics with some real examples of the industry works:

Case studies from design thinking led firms / companies:

  • Empathise – creating innovative solution through bringing deeper customer empathy
  • Define – encouraging divergent and convergent thinking
  • Iterate & learn – allowing to run experiments to fail faster to succeed
  • Design & deliver – think big and start small Speaker’s rrofile Hyunju Lee Chief Design Officer NTUC Link

Speaker’s Biography

Ms Hyunju Lee joined NTUC Link as the Chief Design Officer where she leads the overall design direction and strategy. Drawing on her vast experience from both multinational companies and disruptive start-ups, she brings her expertise in UX, product design, design thinking for innovation, and design sprints based on user research practices.

In a world riddled with complexity, Ms. Lee has the background and experience to make sense of it all, connecting the dots across multiple disciplines and skillsets. Over the last 14 years, she has delivered world-class products for PayPal, Intuit, Cisco WebEx, Yahoo! and Samsung.

Prior to joining NTUC Link, Ms Lee was the Vice President and Head of Product and Design at Honestbee, a Silicon Valley-backed start-up, where she managed teams across multiple products and platforms. At PayPal, she managed the UX team and was appointed as the Innovation Facilitator in Asia-Pacific where she conducted design thinking and customer-driven research workshops across major cities.

Given this prolific journey, Ms. Lee is a recognised as a leader in the design community. She continues to organise meetups as the founder of Design Bootcamp Asia, and is also a regular keynote speaker at UX conferences worldwide. Ms Lee received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University and holds 11 patents with the USPTO.