Eric Tan & Tan Xin Yi (IMDA) – GPT-Legal (Long Text Summarization)

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Abstract of talk

GPT-Legal (GPTL) is strategically poised to elevate the capabilities of LawNet, a widely endorsed platform that serves as the cornerstone for legal research for an impressive 75% of Singapore’s legal practitioners. This ambitious initiative is at the forefront of a transformative movement, leveraging cutting-edge generative AI to revolutionize the legal industry. GPTL transcends the limitations of generic AI models by offering bespoke solutions meticulously crafted to align with the intricate demands of legal experts. In a groundbreaking pilot with the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), GPTL has showcased its potential to catalyze a paradigm shift across the legal sector, capitalizing on SAL’s expansive network and its rich compendium of legal content spanning diverse jurisdictions. With a laser focus on long text summarization, GPTL harnesses advanced chunking techniques alongside a robust large language model (LLM) equipped with an extended context window, ensuring summaries are not only exhaustive and logically structured but also resonate with the precision and eloquence characteristic of seasoned legal professionals. The AI’s adeptness at distilling complex judgement documents, ranging from a concise 20 to a voluminous 225 pages, into concise summaries is unparalleled. These summaries meticulously encapsulate case facts and judicial decisions, mirroring the analytical acumen and linguistic finesse expected in the legal field, thus upholding the highest standards of accuracy, fluency, and professional legal articulation.

Speaker’s Profiles

Dr Eric Tan,
Assistant Director, Biz Tech Group

Dr Eric is the Executive AI Scientist and Team Lead within the Biz Tech Group (BTG) at IMDA. At the helm of a dynamic team, he spearheads innovative initiatives exploring how AI models can revolutionize business landscapes, fostering growth and efficiency across diverse sectors like retail, legal and healthcare. Eric played a pivotal role in shaping the groundwork for product development, underscoring his central contribution to transformative projects. Drawing from his extensive experience, he has played a significant role in democratizing AI models, with a specific focus on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Eric’s academic journey culminated in a PhD in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong, where he excelled and gained recognition as an award winner in esteemed workshops, conferences, and grand challenges. His commitment to advancing AI’s potential is matched by his dedication to innovative research and tangible outcomes.

Ms Tan Xin Yi,
Product Manager, Biz Tech Group,

As an Assistant Manager of Product at the Infocomm Media Development Authority, Xin Yi has led transformative projects in both discriminative and generative AI. Prior to this, she was at Shopee as a Product Manager leading projects for new app launches and internal tools for across all of Shopee’s regional offices, resulting in tangible improvements in user experience and conversion rates. With a specific focus on research methods, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the National University of Singapore, where she was a research assistant on projects such as creating network graphs of foreign direct investment post US-China trade war and examining the impact of economic systems on ESG investments.

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