Eng Wei Koo (Keysight) – Sky to Lab – design challenges and testing considerations leading to successful deployments

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Satellites bring a wide range of exciting new possibilities such as offering 4G/5G services to remote, underserved regions and enabling new business cases. Mobile network operators and satellite communications providers are collaborating to explore, design and deploy multi-layers satellite networks selecting the best fitting satellite options ranging from proprietary, 3GPP unmodified (aka Direct to Cell/Device) and 3GPP Release 17 and beyond NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network) standards required to fulfil the requirements for their business and use cases.

While satellite communications offer to enable attractive business opportunities, it has introduced new set of challenges which are not seen in TN (terrestrial networks) such as radio impairments, doppler shifts, latencies, NTN, and TN interworking, among others. These challenges are needing to be thoroughly investigated, tested, and optimized prior to deployments. Moreover, traditional testing methodologies for testing and optimizing TN in the laboratory environment are needing to be revisited and evolved to address the testing complexities associated with NTN testing – without needing to launch satellite in space as robust channel and orbit modelling emulation capabilities for different satellite constellations will be necessary.

This session presents:

  • an overview of satellite technology options and 3GPP standards progression on NTN including Release 17, 18 and most recently 19.
  • a summary of challenges associated with satellite communications and considerations when designing and selecting the best fit technology options to enable key use cases.
  • complexities associated with testing NTN solutions.
  • testing methodology, solutions, and industry collaborations prior to deployment.

Speaker’s Profile

Eng Wei Koo, Director of Technology, Keysight

Eng Wei Koo, Director of Technology

Eng Wei Koo is Keysight’s Director of Technology responsible for Wireless Networks Standardization and Solutions Strategy. He represents Keysight in 3GPP RAN plenary, leads Keysight’s standards delegate team in O-RAN ALLIANCE and co-chairs 2 groups, MVP-C (O-RAN releases planning) and Test and Integration Focus Group (TIFG). Eng Wei has more than 20 years working experience in the wireless networks industry focusing on base station development and test and measurements and has been working with operators, vendors, labs including OTICs globally on enabling lab, field testing and commercial deployments. Eng Wei has held multiple positions in R&D and product planning for RAN solutions over the years with expertise in the technologies, base station and test solutions.