Emmanual Tay (Gen Infiniti Academy) – Alibaba Cloud Introductory Webinar

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Alibaba Cloud — For this course, students will be introduced to the wide use of cloud, which is a very popular skill set sought after by employers. They will be exposed to deployment and management skills of Alibaba cloud. They will also learn the key products and operations for computing, storage and networking. Moreover, it includes intuitive online labs led by experienced instructors to help you obtain direct hands on experience on those products configurations and operations. This course will help to equip students with an essential skill set sought after in the industry.

Speaker’s Profile

Previously from the Waste Recycling Industry and currently an Exco member and the elected Secretary of the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), Emmanual helped to drive innovation and digital transformation in the industry. He introduced Big Data Analytics in the work and process flow of Waste and Recycling companies, and is instrumental in the digital transformation of the industry. Emmanual is frequently invited to events and dialogues to speak about using Big Data and Data Analytics to enhance work processes and improve efficacy of the workforce.