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In this lecture, I will walk the audience through the updates taking Ethereum to a highly secure, highly scalable and energy-efficient system. The package of updates, formerly known as “Ethereum 2.0”, is multi-faceted and addresses distinct issues facing Ethereum, generating confusion about the aims and means of the updates. In particular, I will centre our discussion around three main topics:

a) The transition from an auction-based fee market to dynamic congestion pricing with EIP-1559.
b) The transition from a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to Proof-of-Stake.
c) Massive scaling for rollups and Layer 2 solutions with high capacity data availability.

Speaker’s Profile

Photo of Mr. Barnabé Monnot, Research Scientist and Team Lead, Ethereum FoundationMr. Barnabé Monnot
Research Scientist and Team Lead
Ethereum Foundation

Barnabé is a Research Scientist and team lead at the Robust Incentives Group of the Ethereum Foundation. His research has to do with game theory and mechanism design for blockchain protocol security and decentralised applications. He’s been actively involved as a key contributor to number of projects surrounding the latest EIP-1559 protocol upgrade, Proof-of-stake Ethereum, and most recently even layer-2 scaling solutions and rollups! He received his PhD from SUTD ESD focusing on Algorithmic Game Theory and systems in the year 2019. He also enjoys participating in workshops and educational initiatives to explain fundamental concepts.


eDM for ISTD COIL Seminar for 11 April 2022 titled: The road to Ethereum by Barnabé Monnot