Aik Beng (Nvidia) – AI. Deep Learning. And You.

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Deep Learning is a growing and popular area of Machine Learning with widespread interest in both research communities and the industry. Notable milestones include surpassing human-level image recognition, outplaying Go champions, etc. This session aims to provide the audience with a holistic perspective on the fundamentals behind Deep Learning, the AI market opportunities, industry use cases as well as an introduction to Nvidia’s tools.

Speaker’s Biography

Aik Beng is currently a Senior Solutions Architect from Nvidia. His role has an interesting mix of being a technologist, engineer, researcher and evangelist in the area of Deep Learning. He works with visionaries in shaping how the future industry landscape looks like with Artificial Intelligence. His interest includes, Next generation AI Platforms, Augmented Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning etc. Aik Beng’s career traversed diverse industry domains such as telecommunications, precision manufacturing, government, supply chain and business transformation.