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In this sharing, the Digital Engineer from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will be giving you an insight to the application of Digital Technologies in the RSAF.

With changing demographics and the prevalence of AI/ML, the RSAF has embraced the use of digital technologies to optimise their business processes. In the engineering and logistics community, their digital efforts are centred around Digital Maintenance, Digital Engineering and Digital Supply. Areas of focus include condition-based maintenance, spares forecasting and also Computer Vision for aircraft maintenance. With greater volume of data being generated, the RSAF recognises the importance of effective data management. Hence, emphasis has been placed on database design and data governance to ensure the integrity and reliability of their data infrastructure.

Stay tune to this sharing to have a glimpse on how you can apply the things that you are currently studying to the Digital Technologies working world once you have graduated.

Speaker’s Profile

Adrian Tan
Head Logistics Data Analytics Branch (LDAB)
Air Engineering and Logistics Department, RSAF

ME5 Adrian Tan is an Air Force Engineer by vocation and he is currently serving as Head Logistics Data Analytics Branch (LDAB) in Air Engineering and Logistics Department. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering from NTU and Master of IT in Business (Analytics) from SMU. As Hd LDAB, he oversees the development of data infrastructure and application of data analytics to transform business processes in the engineering and logistics community in the RSAF. He also oversees the development of technical competencies for the Digital Engineers in the RSAF.