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To build a better world through computing and design.

The ISTD Outreach Programme extends the university and pillar’s capacity to engage students from Polytechnics, Junior Colleges, Secondary and Primary Schools through activities such as workshops, seminars and booth displays. The programme aims to give students an opportunity to solve problems in authentic contexts, using 21st-century methodology and thinking.

Coupled with a focus on Design and hands-on active learning, the series of workshops incorporate robotics and/or IoT devices to enhance students’ interest in the field of computing and engineering. In each workshop, students will be required to work collaboratively within interdisciplinary groups to examine and solve problems challenges.

Outreach Workshops

Sphero the Hero
Play is a powerful teacher! Have loads of fun and at the same time, learn the basics of computational thinking. Sphero is more than an app-controlled wireless robotic ball. Intelligent and well-rounded, Sphero lets you play, learn and explore. Create short, simple programs for Sphero through drag-and-drop to solve problem statements in the workshop.

Start the ball rolling as a programmer now.
Life of Pi
Heralded as a great boon to education due to its flexibility and low-cost, the Raspberry Pi has inspired many to take up computing and build their very own prototypes. Moreover, the hardware accessories and pre-installed software on the Raspbian OS also present limitless possibilities and learning opportunities in various domains such as IoT.

Learn and explore the fun in computing in this workshop with the Pi of the lifetime!
Ebot the Robot
It’s a Tank… It’s a Robot… It’s eBot!

eBots are a robust, 3D-printed versatile STEM learning robot that bridges between theory and practice. With the incorporation of eBots, the workshop is an ideal platform for students to collaborate, apply and test their coding skills to design and build the best solution to a task.


Event Photos

Event Photos

Introduction to Programming by Students Cub, 3DC (7 October, 2014)
Hwa Chong JC (22nd July, 2014) – Free the Finch Worshop
Meridian JC (18 July 2014) – Free the Finch Workshop