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Industry engagement is important for our development and success.  SUTD is keen to collaborate with you on projects that provide meaningful interactions to groom talents and promote a greater understanding of technology and design.  We invite you to partner us to nurture a new generation of technically-grounded leaders who are engaged with the world, and to spearhead groundbreaking research and innovations.  We welcome your involvement with our ISTD pillar as we build a highly focused university aligned with industry needs.


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Year 2024
ISTD Foundations of Game Design and Development Award

Top student project team in the course

Year 2024 to 2026
Tok Yee Ching Outstanding Research Dissertation Award (TYCORDA)

Annual award for the student with the most outstanding Research Thesis in the Master of Science in Security by Design programme

Year 2024 to 2026
IMDA Outstanding Student Award

Annual award for the top graduating student from ISTD Pillar

Year 2023 to 2025
CSA Security Track Award

Annual award for top student in Security Track

Year 2023 to 2025
CSA System Security Award

Annual award for top student in the System Security course

Year 2023 to 2025
GovTech Outstanding Sophomore Student Award

Annual award for outstanding Term 4 CSD student


Year 2023 to 2025
SRI Computational Data Science Award

Annual award for top student in Computational Data Science course

Year 2023 to 2025
Singtel Information Systems and Programming Award

Annual award for top student project teams in Information Systems and Programming course

Year 2022 to 2024
ST Telemedia Data Analytics Track Award

Annual award for the overall top student in the Data Analytics Track

Year 2022 to 2025
Ensign InfoSecurity — SUTD Mid Term Scholarship

Eligible for ISTD junior student who is going for Security track specialisation, see details here.

Year 2022 to 2024
Artificial Intelligence Award

Annual award for the top project team in the Artificial Intelligence course

Year 2022 to 2024
EPS Computer Systems Artificial Intelligence Track Award

Annual award for the overall top student in the Artificial Intelligence Track

Year 2022 to 2024
EPS Computer Systems Computer System Engineering Award

Annual award for the top student in the Computer System Engineering course

Year 2022 to 2024
EPS Computer Systems Foundations of Cybersecurity Award

Annual award for the top student/team in the Foundations of Cybersecurity course

Year 2020 to 2023
DBS — SUTD Distinguished Scholarship

The award is available to full-time first year undergraduates intending to enrol in the Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) programme at the University.

Year 2019 onwards
Singapore Computer Society Excellence Award

Annual award for outstanding graduating students from ISTD Pillar

Giving Opportunities

SUTD offers various avenues for you to express your support, to suit your interests and needs. Your participation and contribution will be instrumental to the success of our plans to advance the mission of the ISTD pillar.

Distinguished Professorial Chairs, Professorship, Fellowships, Faculty Awards, Fund for Excellence, Research Grants, Capstone Projects, Publications, Industry Collaborations.

For example, you can help enhance academic excellence by establishing a Professorship for the ISTD pillar.  By providing faculty support, you enable the provision of resources to attract and retain the finest academics who will inspire our students and stimulate these young minds, and who will provide leadership to drive innovative research that will create value to impact our society.   These funding enables us to strengthen the foundations of SUTD, attract new top talents and reward faculty members for their work, inspiring them to greater heights. It also allows the flexibility for faculty members to embark on innovative new ideas and projects, pushing the boundaries to achieve new research breakthroughs.

Teaching and Education
Scholarships, Study Awards, Bursaries, Excellence Awards, Book Prizes, Student Exchange, Study Trips, Competitions, Community Service, Executive Training.

At the heart of SUTD’s future are some exceptionally bright, inquisitive and highly motivated young people.  Your gift will have an immeasurable influence on the University, for us to continue to nurture talent, innovate and excel.  Supporting a scholarship is extremely rewarding because of the direct impact you can make on a student.  It will allow us to attract the best and brightest minds to pursue their education with SUTD.  Financial aid provides the resources to make this unique education at SUTD accessible to every deserving student, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Outreach and Engagement
Dissemination of insights via Seminars, Workshops, Masterclasses, Lectures or Conferences.

Facilities and Equipment
Classrooms, Laboratories, Workshops, Studios, Collaborative Spaces, Seminar Rooms, Lecture Theatres, Auditoriums, Library, Hostels, Campus Centre, Pillar Buildings.

Ways of Giving

Endowed Gifts
The capital sum is preserved and invested, and income generated is used to support the purpose of the gift, in perpetuity.

Non-endowed Gifts
The full capital sum is expended for the purpose of the gift, over the designated period of the programme.

Singapore individual and corporate tax residents enjoy tax deductions of 2.5 times for your contributions to SUTD.  Your gift will attract a matching grant from the Singapore Government for the advancement of education at SUTD, increasing the impact of your support.  Endowed gifts attract up to 1.5:1 match; non-endowed contributions attract a 1:1 match.

Collaborative Opportunities

The ISTD pillar seeks to provide a robust platform for knowledge creation and learning, offering an enriching educational environment for our students and faculty.  We will forge relationships with a network of organisations and individuals that will be a catalyst to spur creativity and stimulate useful linkages amongst the stakeholders of the ISTD pillar.

A key aspect is to link our students to internship and career opportunities that benefit your organization.  You may choose to offer internship placements for our students at any of your businesses in Singapore, regionally or worldwide. Such internships provide the students with practical industry exposure, and also help students better understand your corporate culture. The internships also presents an early opportunity for you to build up your recruitment pipeline, by identifying graduates who have the talent, training, and character the company is seeking.

We would like you to share your experience on the grand and technical challenges in the industry; trends; various innovative approaches; new technologies and their applications followed by the available career pathways.

For further details on giving to ISTD, please contact Office of Advancement.