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The Security track is intended for students who wish to develop state-of-the-art knowledge of computer security, network security, and cybersecurity technologies. Rapid adoption of technologies like artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, blockchain, and mobile internet in different industries across the world has increased in a bid to strengthen security and privacy. In this track, we will cover subjects that will prepare students to develop leading-edge knowledge in security as well as to find information security and cybersecurity careers.

Track Requirement

  • For Intake Y2019: 50.001, 50.002, 50.003, 50.004, 50.005. 50.034 are mandatory.
  • For Intake Y2020 and subsequent batches: 50.001, 50.002, 50.003, 50.004, 50.005 are mandatory.
  • Track core subjects and 4 track electives (not any electives) are mandatory.

Track Core Courses

Track Electives

Recommended track electives:

Core courses are not recognised as track electives. If unsure, please check with the pillar.

A student who intends to sign up for courses offered by other pillars is required to inform the ISTD Pillar his/her plan one term ahead.