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The Data Analytics track revolves around three main activities: data capture, data analysis, and data exploitation. Data comes in all scales and forms and requires different capture, storage and access techniques. Students will gain the computing skills to develop systems that have the ability to infer meaning from data and allow stakeholders to make decisions based on that meaning. In this track, we will cover subjects that will prepare students for careers in a wide range of data-driven industries that are adopting data science and big data analytics.

Track Core Courses

Track Electives from ISTD

  • Any ISTD electives listed here.


Core courses and TAEs (except 01.116 AI for Healthcare, 01.117 Brain-Inspired Computing and its Applications) are not recognised as track electives. If unsure, please check with the pillar.

Track Electives from Other Pillars

(A student who intends to sign up for courses offered by other pillars is required to inform the ISTD Pillar his/her plan one term ahead.)