CSD Tracks

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence track focuses on the fundamental mechanisms that enable the construction of intelligent systems that can operate autonomously, learn from experience, plan their actions, and solve complex problems. Artificial intelligence is the [...]

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics track revolves around three main activities: data capture, data analysis, and data exploitation. Data comes in all scales and forms and requires different capture, storage and access techniques. Students will gain the [...]

Financial Technology

The Financial Technology (Fintech) track is designed for students who are interested to understand the core challenges in finance and advanced computing technologies to drive the next generation of financial services. Fintech combines the technology [...]

IoT and Intelligent Systems

The IoT and Intelligent Systems track is introduced for students who wish to develop skills in building large-scale networked and distributed systems. The subjects in this track will prepare the students to gain the fundamental [...]


The Security track is intended for students who wish to develop state-of-the-art knowledge of computer security, network security, and cybersecurity technologies. Rapid adoption of technologies like artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, blockchain, and mobile internet in different [...]

Custom Track

What is a "Custom Track"? "Custom Track" refers to a list of subjects selected by the students to complete graduation requirements for the ISTD pillar. The Custom Track allows students to create an educational program [...]

Visual Analytics and Computing

The Visual Analytics and Computing track is introduced for students who wish to develop skills in developing systems to handle visual data, mainly images, videos, and shapes. The subjects in this track will prepare the [...]


Above is a list of tracks (also referred to as “concentrations”) available to the students of CSD. Tracks offer students an opportunity to focus in specific sub-areas of CSD. Students may take up a track to focus in specific sub-areas of CSD. However, a track is not a requirement for students to graduate. A student would be able to graduate as long as he/she fulfils the graduation requirements.

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Track Requirements

For all tracks

  • 50.001, 50.002, 50.003, 50.004, 50.005. 50.034 are mandatory.
  • Track core subjects and 4 track electives (not any electives) are mandatory.
  • Students are advised to focus on one track.
  • Students are advised to talk to their Academic Mentors/Pillar Administrators to find out more about the focus track requirements.