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Computer Science Minor Programme

The Minor in Computer Science will allow students to combine technical depth in their chosen engineering discipline with exposure to mathematical grounding and algorithmic thinking. Graduates with this Minor will become engineers equipped with expertise in their own discipline and ability to design solutions for challenging problems that require computing as a core element.


  • Minor programmes are only open to pillar-level engineering students matriculated in AY2017 onwards, and begins in Term 5 of the student’s pillar study.
  • Students must declare their intention to enrol in a minor to the Office of Student Administration and the pillars involved at least 2 weeks prior to the start of Term 5. Students should note that the add/drop period and related policies apply to minor-related and additional fifth subjects (if any).
  • Students need to pass all 12 Freshmore subjects at the point of declaring their intention to pursue a minor.
  • Students who are deemed to be unable to complete the coursework by Term 8 will not be allowed to pursue the minor.
  • Eligible students will be allowed to do one of the above minor programmes only.

Grading Requirements

  • Subjects taken to complete a minor shall be graded and computed into the GPA.
  • Unless a minimum passing grade is stated by the pillar, the minimum passing grade shall be a D.
  • Non-letter grading options cannot be used for a minor.

Fulfilling Minor Requirements

  • Students will need to seek the approval of their pillar as well as the pillar offering the minor and submit a formal request to the Office of Student Administration (OSA) before registering for the additional subject.
  • Credits from successfully completed academic units from external institutes can be recognised towards fulfilling SUTD minor requirements upon approval from pillar/cluster offering the minor
  • Students must declare that they have successfully completed the minor programme and provide any necessary documentation to OSA before graduation in order for the minor to be reflected in their transcript.

Declaration and Withdrawal

  • Students who decide not to continue pursuing the minor programme at any point in time will need to submit a formal written letter of withdrawal to their pillar, the pillar offering the minor and the OSA.
  • Should the student not complete or withdraw from the minor programme, the student’s major pillar may, at its sole discretion, allow the additional 5th subject(s)(if any) successfully completed in the previous term(s) for the discontinued minor to be counted towards the pillar degree requirements. Grades earned to complete a minor shall still be computed towards the GPA after the student’s withdrawal.
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