About the Programme

This is a one-year to two-year Master programme in Security-by-Design. This programme is designed for engineers with an undergraduate degree in any one of several fields of engineering. It encompasses the latest research findings, both applied and fundamental. The programme also provides advanced and in-depth knowledge of technologies to prepare the students for challenges in their careers. The programme adds to quality manpower in the area of cybersecurity that is much needed to design and manage a Smart Nation.


The MSSD programme is unique in the following aspects:

  1. It is specially designed for working engineers who have a sound background in traditional engineering disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering.
  2. In addition to the basics of cyber security, the programme is designed for students to learn how to secure public infrastructure in Singapore including the water treatment and distribution system, electric grid, and transportation system.
  3. Students in the programme shall have ready access to some of the world’s best facilities in cyber physical systems including testbeds for Secure Water Treatment (SWaT), Electric Power and Intelligent Control (EPIC), Water Distribution (WADI), and IoT.
  4. Partnerships are being considered with top universities in the US, UK, and The Netherlands thus offering a limited number of students in the programme an opportunity to spend up to 14 weeks at these universities to complete a project or a thesis.
  5. Close collaboration with public and private sectors in Singapore in the design and execution of the programme.