Programme Structure

Academic Timeline and Duration

Part-time and full-time students taking the MSSD programme are expected to complete the programme requirements as follows:

Programme Duration Three consecutive terms Six consecutive terms

A student is required to complete 144 credits to graduate with a Master of Science in Security by Design.

Classes are usually held on weekday evenings from 7.00pm – 10.00pm for both full-time and part-time programme.

The duration for the full-time MSSD programme is three-terms. Each term is 14-weeks in duration with a 1-week break following week six. The course and project work in each term is given in the table below. Students are required to undertake a project or a thesis in Term three. This project is sponsored either by the faculty or by the employer in the case of company-sponsored students. In either cases, the project has to be approved by the faculty committee that oversees the MSSD programme. A limited number of students may have the opportunity to go abroad and work on a project or a thesis with a faculty member in a collaborating university at their own expense.

1 year
2 years
YR 1 YR 1 YR 2
TERM 1 Foundations of Cybersecurity 12 12 12
 Computer Networks 12 12 12
Security Tools Laboratory 1 9 9
Project or Thesis 3 12
Machine Learning 12 12 12
Blockchain Systems & Applications 12
Total 48 24 24
TERM 2 Systems Security 12 12 12
Secure Software Engineering 12 12 12
Security Tools Laboratory 2 9 9
Project or Thesis 3 12
Secure Cyber Physical Systems 12 12 12
Total   48 24 24
TERM 3 Project or Thesis 48 6  24
Security Tools Laboratory 1
Security Tools Laboratory 2
2×9 18
Total   48 24 24
Sub Total     72 72
Grand Total   144   144
  • There’ll be a programming and Maths bootcamp in August and all students are encouraged to attend to familiarize and orient yourself with topics that will be covered during the course.