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3 04, 2017

Delaney Ng (Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)) – Cyber Security in MINDEF/SAF

Hear some inside stories and gain first-hand information on the realities of cyber security in the real world. [...]

23 03, 2017

Kevin Steppe (Singapore Management University) – Design: From Software to Chemistry to Curricula and Back

Follow me on a life journey of design through software, sciences and education. We will start with design lessons from early computers still relevant today. [...]

13 03, 2017

Best Paper in ITEQS 2017 – Testing Cache Side-channel Leakage

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Sudipta Chattopadhyay, whose work on testing cache side-channel leakage was recently awarded the best paper award in ITEQS 2017! [...]

9 03, 2017

Pawel Szalachowski (ETH Zurich) – Next-generation Secure Public-Key Infrastructures

Although much progress has been made towards a more secure public key infrastructure (PKI), the proposed approaches still suffer from security vulnerabilities, inefficiency, or incremental deployment challenges. [...]

9 03, 2017

Bundit Laekhanukit (Weizmann Institute of Science) – Designing Fault-Tolerant Networks via Rounding-by-Tree-Embedding

Designing a network in a cost-effective way is a major goal in network design, which has become an important subject in combinatorial optimization and theoretical computer science. In this talk, we present algorithms that designs a cost-efficient asymmetric network that can function under failure conditions (link or node failures). [...]

2 03, 2017

Congratulations to the Winners of Student Achievement Awards 2017!

Congratulations to the award winners from ISTD! [...]

22 02, 2017

ISTD@0xA3 – Spreading the Wings

Hey Freshmores! Enjoying digital world and wanna find out more about ISTD? Join us today to find out more – get your questions about ISTD answered. [...]

16 02, 2017

Jesper Jansson (Kyoto University) – Fast Algorithms for Consensus Trees

The phylogenetic tree is a 150-year-old data structure used by scientists and scholars to describe treelike evolutionary history. [...]

16 02, 2017

Virgil Griffith (MIT) – Darkweb, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Legaltech

In this prospective faculty "get to know you" talk, I'll be showing a collection of recent work I've done in the darkweb, blockchain, and legaltech space. [...]

9 02, 2017

Michael Cheng (Singapore Power Limited) – Modern Software Practices

Beyond the buzzwords, Michael will share practical insights on how software is written in the real world. These are the processes that increase the chance of success in any IT project- and to do so in a sustainable manner. [...]