Undergraduate Student Board 2014/15

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ISTD Student Board(From left to right)
Front Row: Immanuella Lim Hao Ni, Tiang Hui Hui, Koh En Yan, Perry Lam Wee Hian
Back Row: Muhammad Hatib Bin Abdul Aziz, Lee Ting’en Kevin, Chiang Chun Wei Scott, Soh En Wei, Darren Ng Wei Hong, Agrim Singh

The Student Board

The ISTD student board is the representation of the ISTD student body in SUTD. The ISTD student board works closely with the faculty and staff to continuously improve the ISTD experience through various initiatives, discussions and consistent feedback throughout the term. Other than being the voice of the ISTD students, the board is also the first point of contact between potential ISTD students and the pillar.


Seniors (Class of 2015) Juniors (Class of 2016)
  • Scott Chiang Chun Wei (President)
  • Immanuella Lim Hao Ni (Secretary)
  • Lee Ting’en Kevin
  • Perry Lam Wee Hian
  • Soh En Wei
  • Tiang Hui Hui (Head of Class of 2016)
  • Muhammad Hatib
  • Darren Ng Wei Hong
  • Agrim Singh
  • Koh En Yan


Scott: “In this digital age, learning how to code is vital. Knowledge in Information Systems and Technology opens doors to a hosts of possibilities.”

Imma: “Who says females can’t code? The IT field is changing, and I believe girls can play an equally important role as guys too, whether you aspire to be a developer, a UX/UI designer, an IT consultant or even be an entrepreneur!”

Kevin: “While we often simplify what a computer is, in truth, it is an engineering marvel – from the physics of its hardware to the workings of its software. In today’s age, computer applications are breaking the frontiers of technology.”

Perry: “ISTD: Independent Students Think Differently.”

Hui Hui: “ISTD brings out and shares the world, the world in you that you never knew.”

En Yan: “ISTD makes art and math out of symbols and characters.”