Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) is one of four academic pillars at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, which was established in collaboration with MIT. The ISTD pillar unites the traditional areas of computer science and computer engineering, and focuses on the design of information systems that interact with the physical world, humans and machines. ISTD faculty members are at the very forefront of their fields and are engaged in leading edge research in a collaborative, challenging and dynamic environment that is well connected with the research centres, universities and industries around the world.


ISTD offers an undergraduate programme and a graduate PhD programme. ISTD prepares students for leadership positions in areas such as software design and development, telecommunications, data analytics, consulting, and IT security. The mathematical grounding, algorithmic thinking, and intense exposure to design in the context of interdisciplinary education, will enable ISTD graduates to tackle challenging problems the solutions to which require computing as a core element. Most importantly, every ISTD graduate will be able to continually adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of tools and techniques in computing.

Research Areas

A complete list of ISTD research areas can be found here.

  • Digital media research, including language, audio and video processing
  • Computer vision, computer graphics and computational fabrication
  • Human-computer interactions
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Security for cyber-physical systems.