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ISTD Round Table 2018

  6th April, 2018

Calling all ISTD and Freshmore Students - register for a speed date with our valued industry partners to find out what are they offering for employment, internship and any other opportunities!

ISTD Info Sharing Session 2018

  21st March, 2018

Calling All Freshmores! Information Session not to be missed

Alex Pothen (Purdue University) – A New Paradigm for Parallel Algorithm Design: Approximation

  13th March, 2018

Abstract We describe a new paradigm for designing parallel algorithms that employs approximation techniques. Instead of solving a problem exactly, for which parallel algorithms might not exist, we seek a solution with provable approximation guarantees [...]

Aik Beng (Nvidia) – AI. Deep Learning. And You.

  27th February, 2018

Deep Learning is a growing and popular area of Machine Learning with widespread interest in both research communities and the industry.

I2R Thematic Ph.D. Programmes

  27th February, 2018

As Singapore invests significantly in building up R&D capabilities in the country, there is a need to train up a bigger pool of Ph.D. manpower.

Ian Loe (Government Technology Agency of Singapore) – Journey through a Complex Software Transformation

  26th January, 2018

Enterprise systems are complex and involved a lot more than just writing a piece of software.

Introduction to Computational Thinking Workshop

  8th January, 2018

ISTD faculty and 3DC student club co-organized an Introduction to Computational Thinking workshop from the 8th to the 12th of January 2017.





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