2202, 2017

ISTD@0xA3 – Spreading the Wings

Hey Freshmores! Enjoying digital world and wanna find out more about ISTD? Join us today to find out more – get your questions about ISTD answered. [...]

302, 2017

BP-SUTD Book Prize Award Ceremony

Two best student teams who had done exceptionally well in their IOT Projects for the Introduction to Information Systems and Programming course were awarded BP sponsored book prizes. CIO of BP gave out the awards to the students, follow by a visit to see their project work display at SUTD Library. [...]

1901, 2017

IAP Workshop – Swift Programming

In this workshop, participants got familiarised with the fundamentals of Swift, along with which, at each juncture, participants also tasked to create iOS applications which will serve as a means to solidify the concepts covered in class, something tangible in order to assess their knowledge retention. [...]