Zhang Yue

Assistant Professor

Email: lhr_munat@fhgq.rqh.ft

Tel: +65 6499 4516

Fax: +65 6770 5161

Website: http://people.sutd.edu.sg/~yue_zhang/index.html

Research Interests:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing

Pillar / Cluster

Information Systems Technology and Design


My research interest includes machine learning based natural language processing, web information extraction and financial market prediction. For natural language processing, I work on natural language parsing and generation (in particular for English and Chinese), as well as machine translation. I also work on other applications of machine learning, such as Kinematics.

Before coming to SUTD, I worked as a postdoctoral research associate at University of Cambridge. I received my PhD degree from University of Oxford, working on statistical Chinese processing for my thesis. I received my MSc degree from University of Oxford, working on statistical machine translation from Chinese to English by parsing (MSc thesis). I received my undergrad degree on Computer Science from Tsinghua University, China.


ZPar: statistical multi-language parser, with language-specific support for Chinese and English. ZPar gives state-of-the-art speed and accuracies for Chinese and English on standard Penn Chinese Treebank and Penn Treebank test data. It provides integrated systems that perform word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing or phrase structure parsing. ZPar has also been used for the syntactic analysis of Romanian, French and other languages. ZPar is fast, processing above 50 sentences per second using the standard Penn Teebank (Wall Street Journal) data.

Selected Publications
      • Wenliang Chen; Min Zhang; Yue Zhang. Semi-Supervised Feature Transformation for Dependency Parsing. In Proceedings of EMNLP 2013. Seattle, USA, October. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yanxia Qin; Yue Zhang; Min Zhang; Dequan Zheng. Feature-Rich Segment-Based News Event Detection onTwitter. In proceedings of IJCNLP 2013. Nagoya, Japan, October. [PDF][BIB]
      • Wenduan Xu, Yue Zhang, Philip Williams, and Philipp Koehn. Learning to Prune: Context-Sensitive Pruning for Syntactic MT. In Proceedings of ACL 2013, short papers. Sophia, Bulgaria, August. [PDF][BIB]
      • Meishan Zhang, Yue Zhang, Wanxiang Che and Ting Liu. Chinese Parsing Exploiting Characters. In proceedings of ACL 2013. Sophia, Bulgaria. August. [PDF][BIB][DATA]
      • Muhua Zhu, Yue Zhang, Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang and Jingbo Zhu. Fast and Accurate Shift-Reduce Constituent Parsing. In proceedings of ACL 2013. Sophia, Bulgaria. August. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang. Partial-Tree Linearization: Generalized Word Ordering for Text Synthesis. In proceedings of IJCAI 2013. Beijing, China. August. [PDF][BIB]
      • Junhua Liu, Yue Zhang, Justin Ruths, Diana Moreno, Daniel Jansen and Kristin L Wood. Innovations in Software Engineering Education: An Experimental Study and Integrating Active Learning and Design-Based Learning . In proceedings of ASEE 2013. Atlanta, Geogia, USA. June. [PDF]
      • Yang Liu and Yue Zhang. Unsupervised domain adaptation for joint segmentation and POS-tagging. In proceedings of COLING 2012, posters. Mumbai, India. December. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Joakim Nivre. Analyzing the Effect of Global Learning and Beam-Search for Transition-Based Dependency Parsing. In proceedings of COLING 2012, posters. Mumbai, India. December. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang, Graeme Blackwood and Stephen Clark. Syntax-Based Word Ordering Incorporating a Large-Scale Language Model. In proceedings of EACL 2012. Avignon, France. April. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. Syntax-based Grammaticality Improvement using CCG and Guided Search. In proceedings of EMNLP 2011. Edinburgh, UK. July. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing. In proceedings of ACL 2011. Portland, USA. June. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Joakim Nivre. Transition-based Dependency Parsing with Rich Non-local Features. In proceedings of ACL 2011, short papers. Portland, USA. June. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. 2011. Syntactic Processing Using the Generalized Perceptron and Beam Search. InComputational Linguistics, 37(1), March. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. A Fast Decoder for Joint Word Segmentation and POS-tagging Using a Single Discriminative Model. In proceedings of EMNLP 2010. Massachusetts, USA. October. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang, Byung-Gyu Ahn, Stephen Clark, Curt Van Wyk, James R. Curran and Laura Rimell. Chart Pruning for Fast Lexicalised-Grammar Parsing. In proceedings of COLING 2010. Beijing, China. August. [PDF][BIB]
      • Karo Moilanen, Stephen Pulman and Yue Zhang. Packed Feelings and Ordered Sentiments: Sentiment Parsing with Quasi-compositional Polarity Sequencing and Compression. In proceedings of WASSA 2010. Lisbon, Portugal. August. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. Transition-Based Parsing of the Chinese Treebank using a Global Discriminative Model. In proceedings of IWPT 2009. Paris, France. October. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. A Tale of Two Parsers: Investigating and Combining Graph-based And transition-based Dependency Parsing Using Beam-search. In proceedings of EMNLP 2008. Hawaii, USA. October. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. Joint Word Segmentation and POS Tagging Using a Single Perceptron. In proceedings of ACL 2008. Ohio, USA. June. [PDF][BIB]
      • Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark. Chinese Segmentation Using a Word-based Perceptron Algorithm. In proceedings of ACL 2007. Prague, Czech Republic. June. [PDF][BIB]

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